Eric Cornelius

Eric Cornelius
Director of Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems
Eric is responsible for thought leadership, architecture and implementation for Cylance® Consulting’s critical infrastructure and industrial control systems security practice. His leadership keeps organizations safe, secure and resilient against advanced attackers.

Previously, Eric served as the Deputy Director and Chief Technical Analyst for the Control Systems Security Program at the US Department of Homeland Security. Eric brings a wealth of ICS knowledge to the Cylance team. In addition to his years of technical leadership, Eric literally wrote the book on incident response in the ICS arena. Eric’s extensive knowledge of critical infrastructure and those who attack it will be brought to bear at Cylance as he leads a team of experts in securing America’s critical systems.

Eric is the co-author of “Recommended Practice: Creating Cyber Forensics Plans for Control Systems” as part of the DHS National Cyber Security Division, Control Systems Security Program, 2008. He is also a frequent speaker and instructor at ICS events across the globe.

Eric earned a bachelor’s degree from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology where he was the recipient of many scholarships and awards including the National Science Foundation’s Scholarship for Service.

Eric went on to work at the Army Research Laboratory’s Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate where he worked to secure field deployable combat technologies. It was at ARL that Eric became interested in non-traditional computing systems, an interest which ultimately led him to the Idaho National Laboratory.

While at INL, Eric participated in deep-dive vulnerability assessments of a wide range of ICS systems. After attacking these systems for several years, Eric began to develop methodologies for detecting attacks and performing incident response in the ICS environment.

Eric has continually improved these methodologies through extensive field testing and close partnership with asset owner/operators in nearly all sectors of critical infrastructure. Through this experience, Eric will help keep Cylance at the forefront of ICS security to better protect America’s critical assets.