Gene Thomas

Gene Thomas
Memorial Hospital Gulfport

Gene Thomas has over 29 years of executive level management experience working with technology based companies, ranging from startups to a Fortune 500 public company.

Mr. Thomas has experience in emerging technologies as well as in startup and development technology companies.  Since 1984, Mr. Thomas has worked in management and executive level positions where he provided strategy, product development, engineering and marketing services for CompuAdd, Micron Electronics, Avreo, Bio-tech companies and healthcare providers.

After Micron Electronics while consulting with the LSU School of Medicine, Gene was recruited to be CEO and Chairman of Avreo Inc.  Gene successfully raised millions of dollars needed to initiate the development of Avreo’s concepts and products in the radiology information system market.   In 2002, Gene successfully negotiated a majority sale of the company to one of the largest investors and a key distributor.

Gene is a co-founded Wirefree Holdings, LLC which further co-founded MFunds LLC., an emerging technology company in development of applications for mobile financial services. Gene is a Board member and shareholder of Innosurance, a technology company that patented and trademarked the Driver Safety Rating (DSR™) and sold the intellectual property to Allstate.

Gene currently holds the office of Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Memorial Hospital in Gulfport Mississippi.